3 Hot Job Markets for Web Designers


The large and growing number of web designers may create the sense of a tough job market in this field. However, there is a way for you to make more money as a web designer by expanding your online services. Doing so helps to compete with other talented web designers who may appear to be taking away all of the web design jobs from you. Here are 3 hot job markets for web designers that can help you make more money in this field. These web design job markets can also be more enjoyable than the typical multi-page website for individuals, small businesses and corporations.
3 Hot Job Markets for Web Designers #1: Blogs
It seems that almost everyone with internet access has their own blog these days. Bloggers are a wide group and includes adults, teenagers and even companies. While there are many templates available from blog hosting companies and websites that offer free graphics, nothing comes close to an original blog design. Web designers can easily tap into this hot job market by creating fun blog layouts that are exclusive for bloggers. There are some people that are already providing this service and charging between $60 and $150 for an entire blog makeover.

In order to make money in this particular job market for web designers, you need to have additional knowledge to combine with your deign skills. There are also many job openings in web development companies. Custom blog designs require a good amount of knowledge about various blogging platforms. Bloggers may use one of several platforms and being aware of this will bring more jobs that introduce additional money. Some popular blogging platforms include WordPress, Blogger, Movable type and Livejournal. However, you could still get a sale even if a blogger does not use separate blogging software or hosting services. Since blogs are very popular, many online web hosting services offer blogs as an additional feature to their website packages. By designing a blog that is already hosted on the author’s own domain, you can use the web design skills that you already have without the need to spend time to learn how a specific blogging platform works.

3 Hot Job Markets for Web Designers #2: Online Stores
Many entrepreneurs have opened their own online retail stores with companies that offer shopping cart and storefront services. Although some online services like Cafepress, Zazzle, Spreadshirt and other companies have templates for their members to create a custom online shop, the designs alone do not really set all stores apart from one another. The basic design templates for these one-stop-shop companies are useable but tend to look stale. There is only so much that online shop owners using these services can do to customize their store. This is where a web designer can turn something standard into something that attracts customers and looks more professional.

3 Hot Job Markets for Web Designers #3: Social Networking Pages
Average citizens, large businesses and even celebrities are a part of at least one social networking website now. These websites include Facebook, Myspace, Blackplanet, Ning and even some aspects of Digg and Stumble upon. Such widespread popularity has brought a whole new selection of free websites with graphics for social networking pages to a higher level. There are tons of websites that allow social networking fans to “Pimp” their profiles using animations, photos, videos and entertaining widgets. While this can satisfy millions of people that enjoy social networking features, there are tons of other people who would prefer to have something impressive.

Independent music bands, small business owners, actors and even regular citizens try various customization options to create a known brand using their profiles on social networking websites. By taking over this task, web designers can make a lot of money in this hot job market. Another great aspect of the social networking community is the nature of its existence. You could get additional jobs based on a friend who referred a friend. The opportunities continue from here when designing profiles for social networking website users.

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