4 major Factors that have Ruined our Family Time

Certain things in life are utterly irreplaceable.  All of us are well aware of the saying that the time lost will never return and quite similar to that the family time that you fail to spend will also never come back. It is important that we remember that every time we fail to spend time with our family, we are doing it at the expense of your future happiness. All of us know why it is important to spend time with our family, but despite knowing it, we fail to embrace it. So here are some of the reasons as to why family time has lost importance these days.

4 major Factors that have Ruined our Family Time

Imbalance between work and life

We are living in a mechanical world, and every single day we run out of time. Unlike the yesteryears where moms run the show inside, today both parents are working and managing the outside business. They are more concerned towards managing their work life. This ruins their family and leaves it shattered.  Though parents and elders realise this, they hardly find means to mend it.

Nuclear families

We live in a modern world where the idea of a joint family is considered age-old. What we consider a family today is small and nuclear.  It comprises only father, mother and the children.  It would be nice if at least this nuclear family lives in peace. Things are quite saddening only when we realize that even the happiness of these nuclear families is at stake. Children lack life values as grandparents aren’t a part of the family anymore and they lack moral values as parents fail to spend quality time with their children.


Communication is believed to have come only to improve the way we communicate with people. But today things seem to be a little different. Something that was supposed to act as a bridge is acting as a factor that discards people. There is no scope for personal communication anymore. Right from passing important information to inviting people to a function everything happens over the phone. Even parents get themselves updated on the child’s status through social media. There is simply no personal communication and with this, we can hardly expect parents to spend time with children.


No one ever thought that technology would break into families and keep them apart forever.  Today all of us are addicted way too much to technology.  We do not have time for our families. Parents are into the work environment, and children are into the gaming world. They hardly spend time with families. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of technology. Today we have reached a point where people strongly feel that if it is not for technology there would be better unity among people

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