4 Uses for Your Old Shower Curtain


Make certain to hang onto your old shower curtain if you plan to redecorate your bathroom in the future. There are many alternatives to throwing away your plastic shower curtain. Some of the below ideas might even be tempting enough to send you shopping for an extra curtain to keep around the house.
Floor Mat for Children:

Your old shower curtain can make a great floor mat for children, whether to protect your flooring from arts and crafts projects, or just to designate a space for games or other activities. Most shower curtains are waterproof, and therefore can be a lifesaver when it comes to projects involving paints or other materials that might stain or damage your floor or carpeting. Many shower curtains also come in colors and designs that children find appealing, and they can provide a fun and attractive designated play area for small children. One thing to remember, however, is that small children can suffocate if they should become entangled inside a plastic shower curtain. Adult supervision is required at all times.

Outdoor Tablecloth:

A wonderful use for your old shower curtain is as a table cloth for an outside table or bench. In addition to adding a bit of flair to your yard, they are easy to clean and can even help protect wood tables from rain and sun damage. A standard shower curtain comes in just the perfect size for covering a wooden picnic table, and is lightweight and portable enough to take on a picnic or when camping.

Wall Decoration:

A shower curtain can be used in many ways to decorate the walls of your child’s bedroom. You can either hang the curtain up in one piece, or cut out any designs or characters on the curtain and apply them to the walls. The curtain can be wiped clean, and will also help protect your child’s walls from dirty fingerprints or crayon. Curtains with geometric designs can even be placed inside a frame and hung in the living room – creating an inexpensive and original piece of art that will amaze visitors to your home.

Drop Cloth for Painting Projects:

Your old shower curtain can also come in handy when painting your walls or ceilings, and can be placed on the floor or over pieces of furniture to protect against paint splatters. The curtain can easily be taken outside and hosed down between uses, leaving no mess behind. Use the curtain just as you would use a standard drop cloth or tarp. To add some decor, put on some  wooden dinnerware sets where you can put your lotion, perfumes, towels etc. It’s all about being stylish!

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