7 Points for Effective Web Designing


Hiring a REAL web designer is essential and your wife’s brother is not the one. That’s right – we not lucky to have talented relatives who can do our web designing for free. We hear all the time; my cousin, son, friend of a friend is working on my website but unfortunately the outcome of the project is not what I expected.
So now you might want to raise a question – “What makes a good website?” And chances are that you will hear same things over and over again without paying much attention to them. The funniest thing is that most suggestions are worthwhile only implemented in the correct way which delivers optimum results. Here is a list of few that you can use from an expert given by someone who is working in a company on Canadian web hosting :

Be willing to pay:

Experience teaches us that “The cheapest price isn’t usually the BEST price”. We know everybody likes to get the job done at the cheapest rates. It is a general psyche that is spread evenly across different countries. When I lose a quote to someone else, I sometimes visit the site to see the content that is uploaded and always find the quality of assignment is not as good as what I could have offered. That is right – if you want to pay less for web designing, you site will always lack the excellence.

Check every link yourself:

Once a rough draft of website is ready, do the testing yourself. Go through the content and check every link. No one can check your site as thorough as the YOU.

Dealing with abandonment:

We hear a lot of complaints from clients whose websites have been left in middle by their designers. Sometimes projects are half completed or for sites that have been launched, things stop working smoothly or the web designer goes out of business etc. To avoid a situation like this, make a background check of the company that you are hiring beforehand. Check their portfolio , ask for references and if possible go to their office and check their operations. You don’t want a 16 year old kid working out of his bedroom, do you?

Clear and Easy Navigation:

Nobody likes getting lost and navigation can make or break your site. Every webpage should have a clear and consistent navigation pane and a link to the ‘Home page’. The home button is the most used button by a visitor – don’t hide it in small text up in the header.

Choose a decent colour combination scheme:

You might be a Metallica fan but your website is for the people. Always give preference to the colours that appeal to masses and if you hire a good web designing company, it will make sure to use the colours that represent your products in the most suitable way.

Performance of different browsers:

Ask your designer to make sure that your site runs on as many browsers and devices as possible to reach the largest audience. Test your website on as many platform combinations as possible including Mac, PC, BlackBerry, Palmtops, cell phones, I Pads etc. Not doing that can result in losing out more than 30% of customers.

Search Engine Optimization:

The most important tool and that is why I have mentioned it in the last. There are no secrets to performing well in the search engines except writing a good content. Keeping an eye on keywords and to build a sound content that appears in the first few searches of Google or Yahoo is an integral web design service.

Web development is a creative process and ideas are required at every stage. The really good ideas, in order to work, have to be mastered upon like a really good cheese that needs to mature. Indigo is one such firm that believes in innovative ideas and completes every project as per the commitment.

Post Author: Evelyn J. Jahn

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