Choosing the Right CMS


With all the options for a CMS out there, it becomes very hard to choose the one that’s right for what you’re trying to do. By far the most popular CMS is WordPress, but it also has some competition in Joomla and Drupal.
The easiest CMS to use by far is WordPress. Changing the WordPress website is almost as easy as writing an e-mail and clicking send. WordPress also has hundreds of free templates that will install at the click of a button. If you know CSS and PHP you can customize your own template or customize one that you install.

Drupal is a CMS much favored for its search engine optimization capabilities. There are many modules that are very useful in optimizing a Drupal site.

Joomla has many useful templates and addons. It even has a social networking template that you can buy for one dollar. The social networking template can be customized to fit your needs and the style that you want. Joomla also has a real estate module that makes it easy, after installation, to list houses, edit them, and respond to potential buyers. The big drawback to Joomla is that it is complicated and hard to set up or use.

There are many other content management systems out there, but these three offer the most support because they are the most popular. That is why these are recommended over any others. I also recommend you go to this link asp .net cms to know more about CMS and other services.

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