How to Ice Skate

Ice skating is something that takes lots of practice and even more patience. If you want to learn how to do it, then you better be ready for a long, hard road. In this article, I will discuss how to ice skate well.
Before you can even worry about doing the whole skating thing, you better have the right skates. Get yourself a quality pair of ice skates that fit your feet well. Sometimes, you will be able to rent skates at a local rink, but that is probably not the best long term solution if you really want to learn how to ice skate. When you have these skates, it is always a good idea to keep them sharpened at all times.

The most important factor to skating is knowing how to keep your balance and equilibrium while skating. While you are slipping around out there, try to find some sense of your center. When you are relaxed, you will be more adept at skating, so try not to work yourself up too much.

One thing you might want to do before you really try your hand at skating is to learn how to move around in your skates. First, try walking around in your skates until they feel comfortable on your feet. Your ankles will not be used to the pressure, but they should eventually adjust. If you must, stay close to the railing or wall and keep your hand on it for support. Eventually, you will have to move away from the wall in order to gain the expertise and confidence needed for skating.

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The dynamics of actually doing the skating are something that will take time for you to master. If you are a right-footed person, then you must use the strength in your left foot in order to push off. The opposite is true for folks that are left-footed. From there, you will bring the foot back and once again attempt this with the other foot.

You will want to try and glide while you are on the ice. If you envision this and make it happen, then you are on your way to skating. One easy way to get more momentum when skating is to give your toe a flick when you complete each stroke. Skating is all about power and this will provide some.

Stopping is a much more difficult thing, believe it or not. You will want to do this by dragging your foot behind you so that it is perpendicular to the lead foot. This is difficult for beginners because it requires the skater to balance themselves essentially on one foot. This is the most effective way to stop, however.

You will never get really good at skating unless you practice a great deal. You can never expect to be really good on your first try, so know that practice will eventually lead to perfection.

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