How to Prevent Procrastination and Improve Your Productivity?


Procrastination or postponing work is one of the biggest reasons that destroys productivity. People tend to delay their work for one reason or the other and others stop trusting them. If you have a habit of procrastination, you must identify the root cause of the problem so that you can work on it and improve your productivity.
Here are some reasons that list why people delay their work and how to overcome such challenges:

1) Fear of failure – Many people get discouraged by the nature or volume of work to be completed. They feel that wouldn’t be able to finish the work on time. Such people have a deep rooted fear of failure. They delay their work inadvertently because they are constantly distracted by their fear of failure. The only way to fight such instincts is to concentrate on work and not be afraid of failure. Don’t think, just act should be your motto! Try to motivate yourself by thinking how much you can achieve by completing your work on time. This approach will help you a lot to increase your efficiency.

2) Short attention span – People who delay things often have a short attention span and a wavering mind that wanders off at the slightest opportunity. Such people, even when they are working on a project, will take a break frequently to do completely unrelated activities such as checking their stock portfolios, checking updates on their favorite forums or websites and so on! The best method to fight such temptations is to treat them as fillers or rewards. Remind yourself that when you finish your current task, you will get sufficient time to fulfill your other interests. In this way you will stick to your schedule and can still pursue your non-productive hobbies. Your interests will motivate you to finish your work properly and on time. To prevent short attention span, list all your to-dos in a  personalised diary.

3) Premature Focus on outcome – Many people have a habit of counting chickens before they are hatched. This can seriously delay their work since they are not focusing on their task at hand and instead thinking about the glory that is still miles away! The only solution to this problem is not to think or get amazed by the outcomes until they have arrived.

4) Difficulty in initializing a project – Many people face a difficulty while initializing any venture. Writers often suffer from this dilemma. Once they get a good start they have enough momentum to finish the task. The solution to this problem is to remind yourself that all such hindrances exist only in your mind. You can overcome such psychological obstacles by motivating yourself in a positive way.

Post Author: Evelyn J. Jahn

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