The X-Mini Happy Speaker MP3 Player: Portable Speaker, Mp3 Player and Card Reader

The X-Mini Happy Speaker MP3 player is a unique MP3 player with integrated speakers. Its design is incredibly different from other MP3 players. The X-Mini Happy Speaker delivers nice quality music playback for about 75 dollars.

The X-Mini Happy Speaker MP3 player has its own unique design which is very compact. You will easily fit it to your pocket and won’t feel any trouble carrying it around. The size of this device is 2.5-inch tall. While other MP3 players with integrated speakers lack sound quality, especially bass, The X-Mini Happy Speaker with  immersive sound has a big advantage in this case because of its built in subwoofer, which maximizes bass. The X-Mini player has got necessary ports for audio input or output: the 3.5 millimeter audio jack; the device comes preloaded with stereo cable which connects any external device via the audio jack. You can connect several X-Mini speakers for more advanced sound effect. The device has a 2-color LED which glows blue while the player is charging and red when it is playing.

The X-Mini Happy Speaker supports high capacity class 4 SD cards. These can be up to 8GB in memory. That is quite enough for about 800 MP3 files. You can add MP3 files by simply dragging and dropping via Microsoft Explorer or Mac finder. The playback time depends on weather you playing directly through the audio jack or through SD card: 12 hours of playback through audio jack and 5 hours through SD card.

The X-Mini Happy Speaker MP3 player has got simple controls for your playback: play/pause forward/backward. The mute button and volume controls are also included. One of the annoying features that I have noticed is that it always sets itself to max volume setting whenever it is turned on and this can be frustrating. The other thing is that the Happy Speaker has no organization in its MP3 playback: it will play your music randomly and you will not be able to group it the way you like.

All in all, the X-Mini Happy Speaker MP3 player is a truly unique device. The ability to connect several X-Mini speakers allows you to create an interesting mini portable audio station. The sound quality is very good considering the size of the device with optimized bass effect. So, if you want a portable MP3 player, portable speaker and SD card reader or you like to share your music with others, the X-Mini Happy Speaker MP3 player will be a good choice.


Post Author: Evelyn J. Jahn

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